General Information


Enrich your teaching and classroom activities by incorporating engineering into your curriculum. Plan to participate in one of our faculty’s laboratories assisting with cutting-edge research in an area focused on sustainable energy.

Reasons to Attend:

  1. Tour engineering laboratories, attend seminars, engage in discussions with teachers and professors on cutting-edge topics in engineering, science, and education
  2. Gain exposure to the range of engineering careers, disciplines and core concepts that will improve your students’ ability to make informed career choices.
  3. Create practical curricula and engineering projects for the classroom.
  4. Networking opportunities with engineers from industry and academia.
  5. Collaboration with other teaching professionals interested in bringing engineering to the classroom.
  6. Participants receive a $8,000 stipend and a certificate of participation. The stipend will be disbursed as follows:
    • $5,000 by the end of the program
    • $2,000 upon incorporating lesson plan from the joule fellow program into the classroom activity and submission of the Lesson plan to website:
    • $1,000 upon submission of feedback reports and other requirements described during the program

Program Overview


This program requires that you devote to this assistantship 40 hours per week, unless otherwise discussed with your supervising faculty member. Fellows must also be committed to the goals of the Joule Fellows Program as listed: 

  • Commit to attend and participate in your research lab from 9am – 5pm unless otherwise scheduled 
  • Participate in the da Vinci project
  • Attend all workshops and group activities (unless extenuating circumstances occur) 
  • Provide feedback to the other Joule fellows about lesson and/or project development and implementation 
  • Make a short movie of your experience (3 minutes long) 
  • Submit a lesson plan to  
  • Participate in grant evaluation activities such as collection of data, survey instruments, and focus groups (including giving feedback for annual report materials for NSF as necessary) 
  • Attend reunion and other events organized for Joule Fellows